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18 Feb 2010

Foul-mouthed politician in the guise of literary editor

 A libellous editorial by C P Aboobacker, a prolific writer of sorts, editor of a literary website,  retired professor, syndicate member of the University of Calicut and above all a henchman of CPI(M)
Who would expect a political retard's hate-speech to serve as an editorial of a literary journal? Most people, I suppose, would expect some decency in speech and language when it comes to literary business. However, here is a funny "professor" blissfully ignorant of the decorum of gentlemanly speech carrying on his party activism (which is nothing else but hooliganism) in the guise of a literary editor. He is foul-mouthing Mr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India and apparently having a good time of it. He has parted with the last shred of seemliness to put up this show and his editorial is nothing less than a criminal libel aimed at a high profile statesman.
See the editorial here
An archived  link is here:
The libellous page will remain at the archive permanently even if the editor takes down the editorial page or removes libel.
From the word go the editorial smacks of illiteracy.
The first sentence is, "Mr. Manmohan Singh occupies a most grudged [sic] post in the world". Let it be. You can't expect any better from an unenlightened henchman.
However, the idiotic aspersions this guy casts on the character of Mr. Singh, constitute not merely fun but serious crime of libel.
See for example,
The powers that be that wanted his imposition as finance minister succeeded in making him the Prime Minister of India. This required a series of assassinations in the most celebrated of Indian political families.
Funny language apart, the statement wold translate thus:
Mr Singh's prime-ministership required a series of assassinations in the most celebrated political family in India.
Well, professor, I wish for you that they at the Prime Minister's Office took you for a half-wit so that you would be spared of the wrath of law.
Here's another example:
He [Mr. Singh] left the left and began a series of scandalizing and even massacring left activists in its strongholds such as W. Bengal, in coalition [sic] with Trinamool Congress and Maoists.
The professor can't be less unambiguous than this (in spite of his extremely poor sense of language).
Translated in to common parlance the accusation would mean:
Mr. Singh began killing left activists in large numbers with the aid of Trinamool congress and Maoists. That's really over the top and capable of landing this apparatchik in jail for criminal libel.

A stupid calumny like the allegation that "Manmohan Singh was a spokesman of the IMF" pales before what preceded.

Hey professor, please try to understand that Mr. Singh never was a spokesman of IMF. He worked for United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in the 1960's but that can't by any stretch of imagination connect him with IMF.
I am sorry, Prime Minister, I must call you a liar. [...] I am not insinuating anything about our Prime Minister, but I am fully convinced that he is a liar and he is an impostor on behalf of imperialism.
Deriving joy from name calling from the safe precincts of your backyard, professor? And think it very brave, don't you? Rely on your luck and your obscurity this time but show better wisdom next time.

The author of this poison pen editorial is C P Aboobacker, a CPI(M) apparatchik who claims to have authored about two dozen books and who runs a website (an "ezine") to dish out literary perversions of the kind mentioned. He is a member of the CPI(M) dominated syndicate that runs the business at the University of Calicut and has been instrumental in attempting to oust a number academics who refused to tread his party line from their posts. (They were ousted  but for the Governor's veto.) The venomous and pathetically ignorant rhetoric of this foul-mouthed writer of sorts merely to cosy up to his political bosses might stand him in good stead when the time comes for giving out posts at institutes and academies according to party loyalty. However, the University of Calicut should consider if this professor in the syndicate is really a feather worth wearing.

I (this blogger) not only do not hold Mr Manmohan Singh in any high esteem but also consider that his government's policies are inimical to the interests of the people of India. I believe that I have a right to criticise him and his policies. However, I don't think foul-mouthing the character of Mr Singh with vile and unsubstantiated charges and name-calling should be allowed to pass off as dissent. What C P Aboobacker has resorted to is criminal libel, not democratic dissent.


  1. Well, well, well
    I hear that they are going to give me leisure to complete my EMS book sooner.
    What's in store for you Mr. Libeller?

  2. I wish all read it?
    You dont added blog in aggregaters?
    This is how cpm preaches hatred.
    manmohan kills communists!


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